The Freedom of making any day, payday

Access your earned salary anytime, anywhere. No need to wait until payday.

Typs gives you real-time access to your earned salary

anytime, anywhere, in just one click.

Real-time Access

Select how much you need from your earned salary and transfer it to your bank account instantly. Easy.

No Credit – No Interest

Say goodbye to overdraft fees and predatory loans

Simple and Private

No more explanations to your Boss or arguments with your Bank. With our app, it´s whenever and wherever you want.

And on Top of this…


No matter which is your Bank

We will transfer your money to the same account where you currently receive your payroll.


No credit. No loan. No interest.

You are not applying for another expensive loan. You are simply accessing the salary you have already earned. It´s yours and we give you access to it. That’s it.


We are making the “Flexible Pay” a reality

Tired of monthly pay cycles? Do you want to get your pay every week? Or biweekly? With Typs, you decide when you get paid.

What do I need?

If your Company is working with Typs,

you just need to download our app and create an account.

Your Company is not working with Typs yet?

Tell us who we can speak with, and we´ll do our best to give you and your colleagues access to the Salary-on-Demand by Typs ASAP!