Why waiting to receive your pay until the end of the month?

Typs was founded with a very simple vision: giving employees real-time access to their salaries, anytime, anywhere, to help reduce financial stress related problems.

Considering 48% of employees hardly make it through the month and struggle to face unexpected costs, we at Typs set out to solve this real-world problem.

We partner with employers and give them both, the software and the funding, so they can offer their employees a unique social benefit with zero impact on their processes and their cashflow.

Companies see increased retention and acquisition, while they help their employees in a way that has never been seen before: providing financial wellness.

And employees enjoy real-time access to their earned income, moving away from payday loans and financial stress, and definitely building an emotional bound to their employers.

This is the reason why Typs exists: it´s just too good for everyone!

About The Team

The Founding team at Typs is a blend of the seniority and experience of those who have founded, co-founded or led some successful startups in Europe, and the energy and passion of those who are determined to improve the world and have an impact. We are the team that will do what it takes to help your employees enjoy the Salary-on-Demand and put away their financial stress.

Let´s work together to improve the lives of your employees and have a happier and more productive workforce!

Jaime Jiménez


Juanjo Domínguez


Gabriel Rosiñol


Marc Rubiño


Ernesto Bernadó



Mapa de ubicación

Typs Headquarters are located in front of the old port of Barcelona (Port Vell), within the Barcelona Tech City complex, the epicentre of Barcelona´s booming start-up ecosystem. Here, thousands of people create and develop the digital businesses that will transform the Industry over the next decade.